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IFELEPAP supports the vast comprehensive rehabilitation services and education ELEPAP provides for children, from infancy to age 12, adolescents and adults with any type of motor disability.


In particular, we provide support for:

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral impairment

Syndromes with accompanying motor disabilities


Brain injuries

Musculoskeletal disorders

Spinal cord injuries

Muscular dystrophy

Developmental disorders


ELEPAP, with its interdisciplinary holistic approach, is in the position to deal/help/provide support to those persons with motor disabilities affecting speech, intellect, sight and emotional adaptation.
The Rehabilitation Program is set, supported and adhered to by the interdisciplinary team which continuously assesses the progress made and may set forth new short and long term therapeutic, psychosocial, educational, personal and even vocational goals for each child.

        Therapeutic Programs

ELEPAP offers a series of programs of holistic intervention for children from infancy to school age. It constantly monitors international scientific developments, organizes and participates in scientific conferences and fora, ensuring in this way that it adheres to international standards, adopts and implements the latest methods of treatment. To ELEPAP, holistic intervention places emphasis on the participation of parents in the training programs, that provides them with an array of resources to help them develop the skills necessary to cope with the situation at hand and further add to the growth of their young-lings. Counseling the parents is an integral part of ELEPAP's rehabilitation programs since they play a vital role in their upbringing, and having acquired professional insight on how to facilitate learning experiences is of highest importance. This level of support and engagement creates a strong alliance between staff, each child and its family, which is a core principle of ELEPAP's engagement culture. Our programs are carried out in a climate of altruism, cooperation and trust, as we strive to offer the most inclusive care-giving family-oriented packages. 

Infant's Program​

This program is addressed to infants up to 18 months old and includes medical support, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic swimming, psychological and social services.

Children's Program

This program is addressed to children from 18 months old up to 12 years and includes the following: Pre-School Special Training School. Elementary School, Physiotherapy, Biofeedback, Sensory Integration, Electrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Ergonomics, Nutritional training, Speech Therapy, Alternative Means of Communication, Support Technology, Musical Therapy, Therapeutic Swimming, Adapted Sports Activities, Therapeutic Horse riding, Child Counseling, Parental Counseling, Neuropsychological Assessment.

Adults Program

ELEPAP, in an effort to provide lifelong support, implements actions through European Programs and Grants for adults with physical disabilities. These actions aim at: Lifelong-learning, Education, Counseling,  Recreation,   and Integration in the labor market

Early Educational and Therapeutical Program 

The Early Educational and Therapeutical Program – Unit of Special Preschool Education of ELEPAP is addressed to children from 18 months to 6 years old with motor, sensory and developmental disorders.

Pilot Unit of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation for Children with Acquired Brain Injury 

ELEPAP's Acquired brain injury is often characterized as a “silent epidemic for children, adolescents and young adults in modern societies”. The Pilot  Unit of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation for Children with Acquired Brain Injury aims to fill the gap in specialized  neuropsychological rehabilitation and reintegration interventions for children with acquired brain injury and to serve as a supplement to ELEPAP's integrated rehabilitation programs.




Gait and Motion Analysis Centers

The Gait Analysis is a biomechanical measurement which allows the recording and objectively assesses, the walking ability of the examinee. It is based on videos, computers, forceplatforms, electromyographs, etc. 




       Scientific Work

This involves the promotion and dissemination of reliable information and awareness through telematics services, newsletters, and networking. All scientific activities are approved and followed by the Scientific Committee of ELEPAP, which aims at the continuous improvement of the provided services of the integrated interdisciplinary rehabilitation programs of ELEPAP. 

           Rehabilitation Team


It consists of excellently trained and experienced personnel specialized in infant, child and adolescent ages, who can holistically address the needs of every child with motor and developmental difficulties and his family. The Rehabilitation Team consists of:


  • Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Scientific Director

  • Collaborating doctors: orthopaedics, child neurologists, paediatricians, child psychiatrists, eye specialists, dentists

  • Therapeutic personnel

  • Kindergarden and teachers of special education

  • Nursing personnel and specialized auxiliary and supportive personnel


ELEPAP has been implementing European projects addressed to people with disabilities for 30 years and specifically since 1987 in Athens, since 1990 in Thessaloniki; and since 2008 in Ioannina. These programs concern the training of disabled people, counselling, assessment and their promotion in the labor market. ELEPAP recently completed the program: "Operational and technological infrastructures, telematics and video-conference services", aiming at enhancing the know-how ability and the rehabilitation programs of ELEPAP" by which the technological infrastructure of ELEPAP was modernized, providing therapeutic interventions and e-counselling to families living in remote areas. 

       European Programs

             Community Initiative Horizon 

             Leonardo da Vinci

             Community Initiative EQUAL

             Operational Program for Education and 

             Initial Vocational Training (O.P. Education)


ELEPAP operates six fully equipped centers in Greece, Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Chania, Volos and Agrinio, with highly scientifically specialized personnel. ELEPAP addresses all the developmental needs of each child with motor and developmental difficulties in a holistic approach fostering psychomotor development functionality, independence, speech and communication, cognitive abilities, emotional and psychosocial

adjustment, learning skills, education, and social integration. 


The aim of all programs and interventions at ELEPAP is the reinforcement of motor, sensory, verbal, cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Through ELEPAP programs, personal sessions are combined with group activities, entertainment and play are included in functional rehabilitation, and the psycho-pedagogical approach coexists with medical monitoring. 

We are committed to offer families and children a way out of the stress and anxiety that comes with the reality of caring for a loved one with diminishing abilities, especially those with intellectual disabilities, which are usually perilously marginalized. We work to create a new reality of social inclusion and integration. People with disability are integral part of our society, and caring for them is a learning and humbling experience. 



It brings us joy and fulfillment. There is no bigger reward than caring for the ones in need, and knowing that our work is like planting acorns, that will one day allow for lustrous oak trees to blossom.

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