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ELEPAP 80 years, OPAP 60 years

OPAP, a great benefactor of ELEPAP, celebrated its 60th anniversary by hosting a memorable Charity Gala devoted to the a. The Charity Gala took place on Tuesday, 18th of December, and part of the returns was donated to ELEPAP. ELEPAP, also celebrated its 80th anniversary, 80 years of continuous support towards more than 1.000 infants, children and adults with disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders every day, throughout Greece.

Particularly, the amount donated to ELEPAP will be utilized for the support of the “Financial Adoption of a child” program.

Mrs. Marianna Moschou, President of ELEPAP, cordially thanked OPAP for the support, stating: «60 Years OPAP, 80 years ELEPAP. We celebrate together and feel fortunate to have you by our side, in the hard, long course towards the rehabilitation of more than 100.000 infants, children and adults with disabilities. »

The “Financial Adoption of a Child” program

Though the “Financial Adoption of a Child” program – in which part of the returns of the Charity Gala was allocated – individuals and organizations take on the cost of the rehabilitation and educational programs of disadvantaged children with disabilities.

Through the Early Educational and Therapeutical Program – Unit of Special Preschool Education, our children have access to necessary rehabilitation programs, and receive the required specialized education.  Therefore, they develop their cognitive, social, emotional abilities and their mobility, and it is more likely for them to become independent adults.  ELEPAP’s goal is to support the children to reach their maximum, and to be able to join general education. We are very proud that every year almost 70% of our alumni is integrated to the General Education Primary School.

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