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Gait and Motion Analysis Center

The Gait Analysis is a biomechanical measurement which allows the recording and objectively assesses, the walking ability of the examinee. It is based on videos, computers, forceplatforms, electromyographs, etc. 

Special software converts the video images of gait in three-dimensional animation. Trajectories, displacements, velocities, accelerations and angles of the body are calculated automatically. The forces applied to the ground during the gait are recorded from forceplatforms fitted to the runway walk.

The muscle activation is recorded using EMGphy.

The measurement procedure is a standard procedure and can be repeated for easons of comparison.

In summary, the Gait Analysis includes:


Gait Report
It records the findings of the team of qualified scientists in Gait Analysis. 

The scientific team creates a list of remarks by comparing the patients data with the expected, normal values. They then prioritize the comments in order to arrive at a conclusion that documents the gait problem. Finally, it is important to communicate with the referrer for a better briefing on the findings of the examination.

The Purpose of Gait Analysis 
The purpose of the application of Gait Analysis is the diagnosis, evaluation of the progress of conservative treatment, the effectiveness of the use of drugs (e.g.s. botulinum toxin), the necessity and effectiveness of surgery when conservative treatment does not yield the expected results and also the evaluation orthotics.

Referral conditions 
The person referred should: 
Walk independently or with a device. 
Age over 6 years. 

Diseases that Gait Analysis helps with:
•    Cerebral palsy 
•    Cerebral dysfunction 
•    Syndromes, with accompanying disabilities 
•    Myelodysplasia
•    Craniocerebral injuries
•    Injury spinal cord and peripheral nerves 
•    Myopathies
•    Parkinson
•    Unequal limps from various causes 
•    Twisting deformations of the limps
•    etc.

ELEPAP's Gait & Motion Analysis Center is the most complete center in Greece in the area of Motion and Gait Analysis. Our latest upgrade in April 2009 has added  the latest version of Vicon motion analysis system to our equipment. So today our laboratory is equiped with:

3D Motion Analysis (Kinematics)

VICON NEXUS 8 Camera System

BIOKIN 3-D V 6.0 4 Camera System

BIOKIN 2D V 4.5 1 Camera System

3D  Kinetics

AMTI  4  AccuGait  platforms  (NetForce V2.0,  BioSoft V2.0) 


NORAXON Wireless 12 chanels EMG system 

Plantar Pressure

Win-Pod, Medicapture

Digital Dynamomentry

Hoggan Microfet


Lafayette Goniometer





ELEPAP's Gait & Motion Analysis Center was established in March 2001.
•    The opening ceremony of ELEPAP's Gait & Motion Analysis Center was performed by the ex President of Democracy Mr. Konstaninos Stefanopoulos in May 2001. The sponsors of the Centre were Ioannis and Olga Koutalidis.

•    The function of the Center was based on the close collaboration with the Children's Hospital Aglaia Kyriakou. The protocols and procedures of the Gait Laboratory were based on the kind help and collaboration of the Gait Analysis Centre in Nuffield Orthopaedics Hospital in Oxford.  

•    The Center offers services following the guidelines of the European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children (ESMAC). All members of staff are members of ESMAC since 2002. 

•    The ELEPAP Gait & Motion Analysis Center is participating in research projects since 2004 by contacting measurements in collaboration with researchers of Greek Hospitals and Universities in Motion and Gait Analysis.

•    ELEPAP Gait & Motion Analysis Center organized the Annual Scientific Conference of ESMAC in 2007. A part of the Conference the event included the Gait Analysis Courses and Seminars that are used to educate the specialized stuff in the latest developments. 

•    In 2008 and 2009, members of the Center conducted training seminars in Gait Analysis in the Scientific Society of Physiotherapy and the Symposium of Children Orthopaedics Society.

•    In 2009, the equipment of the laboratory was upgraded after the sponsopship of George and Eva Adam with the latest version of Vicon Motion Analysis System.

3D Clinical Gait Analysis 
•        3D Kinematic Analysis
•        3D Kinetic Analysis
•        Somatometric Measurment
•        Balance Analysis
•        Muscle Strength Measurements
•        Wireless 12 chanels
Evaluation of Orthotics 
•        Force vector analysis
•        Fine tuning
Plantar Pressure 
•       Static
•       Ballance
•       Dynamic
Qualitative Gait Analysis
Gait Video Analysis
Research protocols





Following the international specifications of Gait Analysis and Motion Analysis Centers, ELEPAP's Gait & Motion Analysis Center is staffed with a complete team of specially trained scientists which includes:  

Dimitris Pasparakis 
Orthopaedic Sugeon
Sciendific Collaborator 
Consultand Childrens Hospital Aglaia Kyriakou 

Nikolaos Darras

Magda Tziomaki 
Physiotherapist NDT

Manoussos Pentarakis
Orthopaedic Sugeon

Athanasios Vanezis
Scientific Collaborator of ELEPAP

Glykeria Patsika
Scientific Collaborator of ELEPAP

ELEPAP Gait Analysis Center is collaborating closely with Greek Hospitals and Universities under Clinical and Research projects.

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