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Pilot Programs

ELEPAP has integrated the principal of continuous improvement in its operations. It employs innovation and emulation to shape the direction of rehabilitation for our children. 

Every aspect of our operations is governed by the highest standard in management. We strive for perfection as we create engaging new programs in order to continuously meet our children's and their families' needs.


Please find below a list of new initiatives, pilot programs, to nourish and nurture the future of our generations and community.  

Donations at Check-Out

Donations at Check-Out is an initiative primarily designed for reaching out to the community and facilitating our fundraising efforts. We aim to to foster collaborations with the Restaurant and Food Service Industry while also reinforce community giving on multiple links.

Knowing that we are effecting positive change through supporting a good cause is a very rewarding experience. And it is within the context of feeling good that we decided to adopt this practice. Good dining and charitable giving can provide a dynamic combo of goodness. This initiative enables customers to make tax-deductible donations to IFELEPAP upon check-out, and owners to match the customers' donations. It's a great way for owners to demonstrate a socially conscious character to employees and customers and for many to reach their charitable giving goals. It also creates a direct link between fundraising and the Restaurant and Food Service Industry that strengthens community bonds. 

Empowering people with disabilities is a growing social issue in the U.S. with increasing awareness and sensitization. And in this fast-paced era we sometimes lose touch with things that truly matter to us. We wish to enrich the experience of dining and hospitality with a sense of inclusivity and solidarity. We are appealing to the common powerful human need to overcome obstacles and help advance causes that have a genuine orientation and structure.

To find out more about this Pilot Program please contact us here, we would love to tell you more about it. 

Elepap At Home

ELEPAP at home.png

This program was created to augment our framework of community engagement and inclusion. Along with telematics which aims to assist parents with e-counselling, home visitation as part of "Elepap At Home" is another engaging tool drawn out to facilitate the smooth adoption and implementation of practices that add to the child's rehabilitation. It involves the visit of our scientific staff to the residence of our children that can examine the space for suitability, and / or perhaps institute adjustments, for making it conducive to their treatment. 

This program's success necessitates the purchase of 8 cars to enable the transfer to and from the respective premises. 

Goal: 8 cars

Funding target: $ 100,000

Go Baby Go

This program directly underpins our vision of empowering our children by providing them with mini-size vehicles! By putting them behind the wheel our children learn about transportation, develop a sense of autonomy, and have fun, which is of utmost importance to us and their families. It falls within our end-goal of helping them reach self-actualization by building a stronger sense of confidence and self-esteem. 


With a vision to give all the children who need it the precious opportunity and the joy of independent travel we started Go Baby Go Greece. 

Children are trained in independent movement, while being entertained through the game. The physiotherapists and occupational therapists of ELEPAP were trained by the Go Baby Go Israel physiotherapists, both in terms of the know-how and the science of the program. Dr. Elenis Skoutelis, pediatrician and ELEPAP Infant Center Manager, will be the Program Manager.

Family Support Program

This program aims at providing the essential to the most financially vulnerable families of the children we care for. Financial strain can create instability in the household which can impact the livelihood of the children. As an organization that strives to bring relief and stability for both the children and their family, this program falls within our framework of our commitment to build a strong alliance between our organization, the children and their families, and of course the community, by alleviating the everyday stresses of satisfying the basic needs a family has.

This program involves the distribution of vouchers for the acquisition of food and household necessities from select supermarket chains.

Goal: Cover 143 of the 950 families we care for year round.

Funding Target: $ 200,000

Family Support.png
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