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Early Educational and Therapeutic Program

The Early Educational and Therapeutical Program – Unit of Special Preschool Education of ELEPAP is addressed to children from 18 months to 6 years old with motor, sensory and developmental disorders. Prerequisites for being accepted into the Program are: normal to borderline intelligence, moderate motor difficulty and the grouping ability on the basis of age and capacities.

It has been shown both the early identification of difficulties, as well as the early intervention, reduces the learning difficulties and behavioral problems, improves social skills thus enhancing socialization and ensures a better quality of life to children with motor and developmental difficulties.

The Early Educational and Therapeutical Program consists of 4 levels, in which children are assigned to according to their age and cognitive ability.

The main purpose of the pedagogic intervention is the development of customized educational programs depending on children’s needs, with the following objectives: a) improvement in cognitive, psychokinetic and emotional areas, b) growth of school preparedness skills and c) social integration.
The aforementioned intervention depends on the design and application of customized educational programs adjusted to each child’s special abilities, needs and interests. At the same time, group programs, cultural events, excursions and participation in national and spiritual celebrations are regularly taking place. During the day children attend their personal therapeutic programs which are included in the curriculum (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psycho-educational programs, therapeutical swimming, biofeedback and music therapy) that are necessary for their rehabilitation. The methods used for the implementation of the aforementioned pedagogical goals are:
•    Holistic Educational Approach
•    Customized Teaching
•    Learning through experience
•    Group collaborating Teaching
•    Multisensory Approach
•    Interdisciplinary Teaching

The Early Educational and Therapeutical Program has been officially recognized as Unit of Special Preschool Education under the new Law for Special Education (article 32).

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