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80th Anniversary Ceremony of ELEPAP - Onassis Cultural Center, Friday March 2

On the 2nd of March, 2018, ELEPAP celebrated its 80th anniversary, 80 years of service to children and adults with disabilities and neurodevelopmental problems. It was a truly festive occasion, an emotional and joyful ceremony that took place in the Main Stage of  Onassis Cultural Center,  in the presence of His Excellency the President of the Greek Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos.

Children and parents, hand in hand with ELEPAP for many years, appeared on the hospitable Onassis Cultural Center, to share life-stories of hope, struggle, and courage. The “Brave children” of ELEPAP have sent their powerful message: “When life creates obstacles, motivation clears new paths”,“When the spirit is strong, nothing is impossible”.

In her welcome speech, the president of ELEPAP, Mrs. Marianna Moschou, referred to the importance of ELEPAP’s achievement, despite all the difficulties and adversities, thanks to a common vision and joined efforts.   She expressed her deep gratitude to all the families, personnel, administrative board, management of all ELEPAP branches, sponsors and volunteers, all the valuable supporters of the mission of ELEPAP.  “Today’s celebratory ceremony is in honor of all of you!”   
In his speech, the President of the Greek Republic congratulated the people of ELEPAP for their important service to Greek society, supporting people with disabilities during times of need and socioeconomic crisis. ” ELEPAP deserves our praise and our gratitude…”    ELEPAP is greatly honored by Mr. Pavlopoulos’ attendance and his kind words of recognition and encouragement. 
The ceremony honored the Great Benefactors and Sponsors of ELEPAP throughout the years, during difficult times for the economy and the society. The prizes of gratitude were given by the children of ELEPAP, accompanied by their therapists and teachers. Amanda, Renos, Ioanna, Spiros, Panagiotis and Dimitris handed the awards. Our sponsors received their awards with very moving speeches, stating their continuous dedication to supporting the efforts of ELEPAP. 
In addition, ELEPAP expressed its gratitude to a number of valuable volunteers, honoring Mrs. Karella-Diamantopoulou, President of ELEPAP until 2010 and current Honorary President, Dr. Lena Skouteli, Child neurologist and scientific director of ELEPAP Infants Center, and Mrs. Toula Stavrou, our beloved, faithful volunteer. 
The ceremony was attended by members of the government, the largest opposition party, and the national assembly as well as a representative from the Holy  Archdiocese of Athens. ELEPAP is greatly honored by their presence in the celebration of its 80 years of service. With innovative rehabilitation programs and a strong common vision for the well-being of people with disabilities, ELEPAP aims to celebrate many more anniversaries in the future.
ELEPAP is grateful to the Onassis Cultural Center for its generous hospitality.  
The children of the joined ELEPAP- Ellinogermaniki Agogi Choir were accompanied by the exquisite voice of Mrs. Natassa Bofiliou.
The ceremony was presented by the renowned, awarded actor Christos Stergioglou and directed by Mrs. Katerina Evagelakou who also produced the presentation materials.
Our warmest thanks to the ceremony’s sponsors.

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ELEPAP: The first social charity in Greece, ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled,, has been striving, since 1937, to establish the right of children with disabilities to maximize their full potential towards self-realization, integration, and independence. ELEPAP celebrates 80 years of continuous and uninterrupted operation, 80 years of offering to more than 100,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families.


ELEPAP’s vision is to continuously improve and develop its services and programs according to international standards. It also works to provide innovative, high-quality rehabilitation services, organized in integrated programs in a safe and family-like environment. In such an environment, children and adults with disabilities are given the best opportunities for independence and goal achievement.


Families find in ELEPAP a trustworthy companion in their long rehabilitation journey. Sharing their fears and hopes, they find acceptance and empowerment. With ELEPAP’s support, they can balance their work, personal, and family demands, as well as find hope and pride as parents. With the dedication and hard work of its board of directors, professional staff, volunteers, and benefactors, ELEPAP continues to support more than 1.000 children and adults in six branches in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Chania, Volos and Agrinio. It is a daily struggle to carry on with ELEPAP’s vision of “Life Steps Forward” for integration opportunities and social awareness, ensuring a better future for all children and adults with disabilities in Greece.


Today, ELEPAP faces an increased demand for services from families enduring multiple hardships, in dire need of assistance. Our reward is a smile and the happiness depicted in the eyes of our children, a small achievement in everyday goals such as a touch, a word, a step, or life accomplishments like friendship, university graduation, marriage, athletic awards, living independently. These are all actions and events marking meaningful changes in the lives of our children. Every day our children and adults offer all of us enriching examples of stamina, hard work, resilience, and determination. Their strength to keep going in spite of adversities contributes to social awareness, acceptance, and equality in Greek society. 

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