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1st Annual Reception 

International Friends of ELEPAP held its

1st Annual Reception on Monday, December 3rd, 2018.​

We had the pleasure of celebrating our first ever event at Kyma Restaurant in Flatiron, which hosted for us a unique evening filled with tales of achievement, joy, and assortments of signature cocktails and hors d' oeuvres. IFELEPAP was given the opportunity to share with our Omogeneia, fellow philanthropists and philhellenes, the efforts of ELEPAP, Rehabilitation for the Disabled organization in Greece. Equipped with a loving circle of supporters, our goal was to showcase our mission and objectives as a social and civic organization, established to facilitate and support the operations of ELEPAP's Rehabilitation for the Disabled Centers.

Encased by the warm feeling of being among like-minded people, our night was about informing our NY audience about the life-changing programs that ELEPAP offers. 1000 children get the benefit of our programs each year, and 1000 families find some peace, knowing that they are too among people who care, who wish to help.

The room was filled with lovely individuals whose valued support we are eternally grateful for. We hope we were successful in conveying our vision, commitment and principles in upholding the highest standards in the services we offer. We take pride in the provision of the programs that serve such an integral part of our society. We were honored to have Dr. Yehuda Ben-Yishay give a speech and adorn our event with a riveting tale, of a young talented student at Columbia University, Christalena Kattami, who upon graduation and subsequent pursuit of a PhD in London, expressed to him her desire to institute his pioneering methodology in the treatment and rehabilitation of the Disabled in Greece. He enthusiastically exclaimed that if that were to happen he would personally undertake the transfer of expertise, know-how and general training of the staff. And so the project took off with much success. Dr. Kattami is the Director of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation for Children with Acquired Brain Injury in our facility in Pagkrati, Athens. 

We were also proud to have our own Dr. Helen N. Skouteli, M.D. PhD Pediatric Neurologist and Vice President of ELEPAP, give us a tantalizing speech about the expertise, the passion, and the professionalism she witnesses on a daily basis at the facility, and the horizon that propels the unwavering thrust of all scientific work.

Watch below or find here testimonials from esteemed members of the Greek America community here in NYC, Miranda Kofinas, Pediatrician and Neonatologist, President of Philoptohos Society in NY, Nancy Papaioannou, Director of Atlantic Bank, and Steve Tenedios, Owner of Kyma Restaurant. Also find our own Marianna Moschou, President of ELEPAP and IFELEPAP, and Peter Nathanial, Member of IFELEPAP Board of Directors, address the audience through a prerecorded video.


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All Videos

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Peter Nathanial, Member of the IFELEPAP Board

I say our children, because every child is our child, whether it it your's or someone else's, every child's welfare is the responsibility of us all. 

New York City has an energy like no other. As small as you may feel at times, there is no chance you will not find someone you can connect with. The Greek Diaspora has thrived despite all sorts of adversity. We found each other and through unity and our inherent deep-rooted sense of kinship, we supported each other and grew. 

We turn to you to you because we know, together in this, we will lift each other up. We are humbled by the generosity, kindness and mindfulness of our people. It is truly wonderful to celebrate our common direction and understanding of how to address an issue that weighs so heavily on our fellow Greeks. 


This opportunity was graciously facilitated by Kyma Restaurant, which offered not only the space, but the soothing aura of authenticity and nostalgia. Thanks to all who contributedDecember 3rd marks for us a special day.


We are here to define the depth and scope of commitment to our cause. Our work aims to provide stability, relief, and enrichment to our community through our dedication to the Rehabilitation for the disabled in Greece. 

Please enjoy snapshots from our lovely reception. Thank you.


Special thanks to our Sponsors for helping us make our evening so wonderful.

MEDIA sponsors and supporters IFELEPAP W
EVENT sponsors IFELEPAP Website .png

And the generous donations of:

Savvas Constantinides from Green Apple Management, Fotios Piniros, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, HABA President Fanny Trataros and Costas Kellas, Frank Pepe, George and Miranda Kofinas, Sotirios Zervoulias and Lea Soupata.

We would like to extend our special thanks to the Consul General of Greece in New York Konstantinos Koutras, President of Atlantic Bank Nancy Papaioannou, Kyma co-owners Mike Angeliadis and Steve Tenedios, Onassis Foundation President Dr. Anthony Papadimitriou, Yehuda Ben Yishay, PhD Adjunct Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine NYU Langone Health,  Publisher-Editor Antonis H. Diamataris, the Greek television channel Antenna, and many others, who are the leaders of this effort.



Below, please find press coverage from the event:

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