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Our Events

To achieve our objective of facilitating and supporting the operations of ELEPAP Rehabilitation for the Disabled Centers in Greece, we will be hosting a series of events aimed at raising awareness about ELEPAP's work in the field of treating disability, promoting social integration and providing space for both civic and scientific work. 

Our purpose is to strengthen ELEPAP Centers by presenting their programs and initiatives to the beautifully diverse communities of NY. We will be engaging in organizing events with similar entities that aspire to shed more light onto the importance of civic engagement and service to the underserved. 

Please find more information about our events here below. 

1st Annual Reception held on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 at Kyma Restaurant.

Special Appearance at the annual Gala of Leadership 100


A special tribute made to ELEPAP at HACC's Annual Gala.

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The quintessential factor to the continuation of our mission is your loving support. We, here in IFELEPAP, are determined to demonstrate the work our committed staff in ELEPAP puts every day in caring for our brave children and their families. ELEPAP works in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and altruism.

We believe that as conscientious people we have a responsibility towards society and its members. Everyday families are the backbone of our communities. We believe that in unity there is power and we seize every opportunity to utilize it for the betterment of our future.

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